Chili Recipe

It may sound a little bizarre but it’s true that some of us don’t enjoy food until it’s quite spicy. For them who love spicy dishes never can ignore chili recipes. So, what’s your favourite chilli dish? Is it Chili Con Carne, Pueblo Green Chili, Gluten-Free Chili Cornbread Bake, Cheesy Chili Mac, Vegetarian Chili with Peanut Butter, Vegan Frito Pie, White Chili with Roast Turkey or Chicken, White Bean Turkey Chili, Chile Verde with Pork, Beef Tamale Pie with Cornmeal Crust, Tripe Chili, Turkey and Roasted Poblano Chili or Dutch Oven Campfire Chili.

It does not matter whether you are Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian or Crazy about Fast Food since there are myriad of Chilli Dishes take care of your taste. For Example, if you are Non Vegetarian then you must try Beef Chili, White Chili with Roast Turkey or Chicken, Campfire Chili, Seafood Chili, Three Bean Chili, Crock Pot Turkey Chili etc.Chili Recipe

And For Vegetarian a huge list comes including Vegetarian Halftime Chili, Party Chili, Super Bowl 2008 Chili, Chili Nachos, Winter Chili, Atkin’s Chili, Baked Chili Recipe and Campfire Chili so more. And Hot Dog Chili Recipe, Hot & Spicy Chili are all set to fascinate the new age kids who are crazy about spicy Fast Foods.

What is the origin of Chili? Is has not cleared yet. But it’s considered that Chili belongs to America. A number of chili dishes are famous all around the world and each region holds its ultimate story how they close to chili taste.

If we try to figure one of the popular chili recipe, Chili Con Carne comes first. This spicy dish associates Lone Star State. It’s a non-vegetarian dish including beef, chili, onion and tomatoes. On the other hand, chili is cooked with beans to gain ultimate taste. I have heard many people saying “I love chili recipes…its taste is just incredible. You must try it”.

If you have a tasty Chili Recipe then why don’t you share it with us and our readers? We are eager to know how you celebrate the incredible taste of Chili.

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