Pancake recipe

Why should you celebrate your happiness in ordinary manner? Not only occasion, but daily breakfast, dinner or even lunch can be made memorable by serving different types of Pancakes. Are you all set totry something unique?Serving Pancake would be right to bring a broad grin on your kid’s faces as well as other family members too.

Generally, it requires flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, milk, butter and eggs to make it. This yummy recipe is quite easy to make. And can be garnished as per your own choice with jam, fruit syrup, meat, chocolate chips etc. It’s one of the most liked breakfast food in America, Britain and Commonwealth countries. It’s a round, thin and flat cake having eggs, milk and butter. It’s up to you whether you want cook it on griddle or over frying pan.

Each region oozes with its own wonderful Pancake Recipe. They can be different in many ways for instance taste-wise, filling-wise, decorations-wise. They can be sweet or savoury, they can be thick or smooth in texture, and they come with a fusion of dairy products or eggs.

For example, US& Canada are crazy about Buttermilk Pankcakes which is often eaten in breakfast. It is prepared by using these ingredients like buttermilk, sugar, flour, eggs and baking powder. While Australian are fall in love with Kaiserschmarrn comes with crunch nuts, raisins, apples and other mouth-watering fruits. Pan-fried Pancakes are quite popular in China, which is typically prepared from dough in spite of batter. It’s served along with soy sauce.

In Eastern European Coutries, Pancack exist in another form called Blini or blintz prepared from wheat, buckwheat flour and yeast. When it comes to England, Pancake is served with Sugar and Lemon and made from plain flour, eggs and milk. It’s topped with Lemon Juice and Sugar. Finland has it own recipe of Pancake called Pannukakku which can be in rectangule or circular. This marvelous golden shaded recipe is garnished with powdered sugar, cream, fruits and other delicious toppings. France is famous for its unique Pancake recipe known as Crepes. Like these, there are innumerable Pancake recipes.

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