wedding makeup look

Wedding Makeup Looks

Wedding Makeup Looks of Indian Brides

A wedding is a function where two individuals are united in marriage and every one wants to look great. But it’s a day of Bride and Groom and they wants everyone paying attention on them. As India is an incomprehensible nation and each state has distinctive societies and customs so there are many culture like South Culture Zone, South Central Culture Zone, North Culture Zone, North Central Culture Zone, East Culture Zone, North East Culture Zone and West Culture Zone. We have assembled probably the most lovely Indian wedding makeup looks.

 Bridal Makeup Looks in India


1. Punjabi Bride Look

Punjabi Bride Looks


2. Kashmiri Bride Look

Kashmiri Bride Looks


3. Rajasthani  Bride Look

rajasthani bride look


4. Bengali Bride Look

Bengali bride look

5. Maharashtrian Bride Look

maharashtrian bride look

6. South Indian Bride Look

south indian bride


7. North Indian Bride Look

north indian bride look


8. East Indian Bride Look

east indian bride look


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