Dreyfus investments

Dreyfus investments are an American fund management company. It is a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon. It was established in 1951 and is based at New York City. It is one of the country’s largest and leading investment management companies. It provides service related to various schemes such as fixed income, equity, mutual funds, specially managed accounts, retirement and other cash management strategies. It was one of the first mutual fund companies to launch retail advertising plan to attract investors. These products and services are available only to U.S. residents.

Dreyfus investment has many mutual fund options available. It also provides some expert advice regarding the investment related matters. Professional guidance is also a basic part of the service. A financial advisor is qualified to analyse the personal financial situation and develop a plan designed around the unique financial goals and objectives.

It has a wide range of products like Dreyfus Opportunistic Fixed income fund, Equity mutual fund, Bond mutual funds and Money market funds. It has several specially designed products as Retirement plans, Annuities and Insurance, Separately managed accounts, closed end funds and BNY Mellon Fund holdings. Expert guidance is available by readily available commentaries on economy and market. Various research articles are available regarding saving and investment. Insights and ideas are available for retirement saving and educational planning. It also provides some good tax saving tips , help understand the tax forms, help in preparing the tax return and understanding the other tax schedules.

Dreyfus takes pride in its pecuniary prowess. The company, which sports a leonine logo, manages mutual funds for retail and institutional investors. It has approximately $400 billion of assets under management.The Dreyfus Corporation is a leading mutual fund company, managing some $158 billion in more than 200 mutual fund portfolios. Products include both load and no-load mutual funds, individual retirement accounts, and variable and fixed annuities. They are sold through brokers, financial advisers, banks, and fund supermarkets. The Dreyfus name and its corporate symbol of a lion are well known in USA.

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