Cheesecake recipe

A yummy Cheesecake can make your whole day. It’s all time of favourite of all ages, whether you are matured, kid or younger. Cheesecake is a delicious sweet dish comes with one or more softerlayers having creamy cheese stuffing. And each layer of this eye-catching dish consists a lovely and memorable taste with itself. Generally, its stuffing is prepared with eggs, sugar and fresh cheese, but it goes different as per different regions.
Cheesecake generally comes with a thick bottom base made from pastry, sponge cake, graham crackers, crushed cookies and biscuits along with many layers. To catch a wide attention cheesecake lovers, it’s garnished with strawberries, fruits, cream, Jam, Cherries, and Icing Sugar, dry fruits, chocolates syrup and cubes. These all makes it a perfect dessert.There are many flavours able to attract its lover like key lime, or toffee, pumpkin, strawberry etc.
There was a time when cheesecake was quite popular in ancient Greece and people used to serve at special occasions or while celebrated Birthdays, D-Days etc. LIBUM and Placenta are two of the oldest recipes of Cheesecake belong to ancient Greece. But still there is a dilemma which is the origin of Cheesecake if it’s Greece or and English invention.
Nowadays, there are many different ways to prepare cheesecake as in the United State & Canada people use cream cheese while in Italy ricotta is being used. On the other hand, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland are falling in love with quark. In ancient time, this sweet dish rewarded as cake while some new age people consider it custard pie or a torte due to having eggs. Cheesecake can be classified in two major categorize; baked and unbaked.
If you are a great cheesecake lover and wish to taste a number of cheesecake, South Africa would be right to head as it serves you a wide array of cheesecake. Asian style cheesecake contains less sweet as well as light in texture. Be it Japan, Australia, Europe, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy or Poland, every region has its different cheesecake but all are delicious and tasty. So, keep eating cheesecake and feel happy with its each bite.

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Cheesecake recipe

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