Skin Care

Almost many of you have become the part of fast paced life and don’t get enough time to take care of skin especially. Generally, we always think that it requires a lot of time to take care of skin. And that’s why always choose to beauty parlour and make up to stay away either from the skin problem or wish to hide the wrinkles and mark. But have you ever thought that if you go always to a beauty parlour in order to maintain the charm of your skin then you are not right. I would like to give a Big No for it. Since choosing home remedy help greatly to maintain healthy and wrinkle free face.

To clean your face, we always use face-wash and get ensure that it will take care of skin if it’s herbal or made from neem etc. But it’s not true. Your face can be more cleaned if it’s scrubbed by turmeric, lemon, curd, Multani Mitti, Honey etc. They help in an excellent manner to get a cleaned and black heads free face with in no time.

Apart from the above mentioned, a healthy diet and water play a major role to take care of your skin. To get radiant skin, you must drink a plenty of water. Since it helps to purify the blood. And purify blood means having fresh and clean skin without any sort of pimples, blackheads etc. In diet, you must add fresh fruits, Juice, nuts, Soup, Green Vegetables etc. Fresh Fruits and Juice don’t only make you feel fresh but keep your skin healthy too. On the other hand, adding soup and green vegetable works greatly to lift up your health.

It’s advised by health experts that everyone should take half teaspoon turmeric powder with water since it help to reduce the bacteria and germs in your body and make you away to get infected. Apart from it, taking turmeric with water helps to fair the colour of your skin. It’s our responsibility to take care of our health. We should always keep in our mind that we should be thankful for the God that we have blessed with a beautiful body and keep it healthy is our duty.

Skin Care Tips 


 Washing of the Skin Regularly

  • This is very important method for a skin. Regular wash your skin with cleaning products.
  •  Don’t use antibacterial soaps and Deodorant body soaps

Everyday Skin Care Routine

  • Cleansing , toning  and Moisturizing twice a day  in the morning before a makeup, and at night before sleep.

Use Sunscreen for skin Care

  • Use Sunscreens of a trusted brand which provides UVA and UVB level of protection and is SPF 15 or more.

Drink Plenty of Water Everyday

  • Drink everyday 15 to 20 glasses of water for good skin.


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