Mascara Eye Makeup

Mascara is a corrective ordinarily used to improve the eyes. It may obscure, thicken, extend, and/or characterize the eyelashes. Ordinarily in one of three structures—fluid, cake, or cream—the advanced mascara item has different equations; be that as it may, most contain the same fundamental parts of colors, oils and waxes.

Mascara basically used  for darkening, lengthening, curling, coloring, and thickening the eyelashes.

Different Types of mascara:

In market there are various type of mascara available which can change your eye personality in few second

Peaple have various type lashes like short lashes, thin lashes and Straight lashes.

  • Short lashes? Use lengthening mascara.
  • Thin lashes? Use thickening mascara.
  • Straight lashes? Use curling mascara.
  • All three? Use volumizing mascara.

1. Lengthening Mascara:

Lengthening Mascara is best for individuals with short and inadequate eye lashes. To make the most length, you must apply no less than two layers of mascara on the lashes. At the point when the mascara is connected, these strands tie to the eye’s tips lashes, making them seem longer.

Lengthening Mascara


2. Thickening  Mascaras:

Thickening  Mascaras is use Volume and thicker eyelashes. Volumizing Mascara is best for Thin lashes.
Thickening Mascaras

3. Curling Mascara:

Curling Mascaras use for curled a lashes. Curling Mascara is best for Straight lashes people.

Curling Mascara


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