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Web Design

Internet has become the basis of today’s lifestyle. Every commercial and non- commercial enterprise has its own website as internet provides limitless opportunities. With this development, many website designing services has come up to provide the necessary services of creating and maintaining the websites.

What is Website Designing

Let’s understand first what is website designing means .Website designing basically means planning, creating and maintaining a website. It is a process of designing and creating content on an electronic web page so that end user can access it easily. It has many basic elements such as designing the content of the webpage, layout, font, colour, graphics and animation, if required.

Website designing service basically provides the service of creating, planning and maintaining the website as per client’s requirement. Besides the basic element of website designing, many other aspects are also necessary for these services to consider while making the site for the client. These are navigation quality of the site, multimedia, compatibility, technology level, interactive quality.Navigation quality implies that site’ content are planned in such a way that it makes easy and understandable for the user to switch from one page to other. Multimedia is adding the relevant audio or video in the webpage to make the content more understandable to the users. Recently, more and more sites are interactive in nature which means that they envolve the end user via comment box, opinion pill or emails and newsletter signup

Website designing service usually has professionally qualified and experience professional in various aspects of the webpage creation. They need to have expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript, CGI programming, XML, Information architecture, search engine optimisation, server management and web marketing. The idea is to make sure that maximum number of end users should be albe to locate the site easily, click and explore the site and navigate the various webpages in it.

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Web Design
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