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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the kind of marketing done on various social media such that the end users are sharing the information regarding the product or service among themselves. It includes creating news feeds, games, offers, discounts or just some interesting facts which encourage the reader to share it among them. It is a highly effective form of marketing these days as people tend to trust the content since it is coming from within their social circle.

Why social media for marketing

Everyone is available on some or the other form of social media networks. It is easiest and most trust worthy way to connect with the customers. Social networking sites enable to post and repost the comments or the news feeds about the product so that it reaches to more potential customers. Because of this repetition of information in the form of advertisement, video, website link, more and more traffic gets diverted to the product or company. Also the concerned company is also present in these platforms so that they can directly understand the need of their target customers.

Social media marketing requires extensive planning and research. Content to be uploaded on the site should be extremely interesting and valuable in the complimenting with images, videos and info graphics. These contents should be shared with as many customers as possible to gain maximum followers which will create awareness about the product or company in general.

How to do marketing on social media

There are so many social media available online. Different approach needs to be formulated for these different sites. For example, Facebook is a casual, fun loving and youth oriented social media. Content for this has to extremely interesting supported with relevant images and videos. Marketing in Facebook begins by creating a fan page with special concern on the visual aspects. The page needs to be maintained and updated regularly to keep it active.

Twitter on the other hand is a media more concerned about broadcasting news and updates. Company looking for social marketing on Twitter needs to follow the industry trends to gain some steady followers. These industry feeds can be mixed with offers and discounts to make it interesting. Again, regular maintenance is required as Twitter usually revolves around conversations and dialogue.

LinkedIn can be used to give business a recommendation and YouTube is best for uploading the videos.

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Social Media Marketing
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