Top Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi

There are many Makeup techniques are available , they are Fashion makeup, Theatrical makeup, Special make-up effects (FX makeup), Airbrushing, Bridal makeup, High definition. Wedding cosmetics is another fragment in a cosmetics craftsman’s collection. From ethnic, to stylish, to contemporary, cosmetics craftsmen are currently an essential piece of wedding arranging in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Delhi is heart of India. So starting with Delhi, here’s the list of the best makeup artists in Delhi.

Top Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi

1. Anu Kaushik

In case you have to look effectively faultless on your enormous day, then Anu is the one for you. Anu Kaushik has finished the strength of reflecting trademark magnificence with makeup so you can be rest ensured you don’t take after a doll on your enormous day.

2. Poonam Rawat

Poonam Rawat is in actuality a justifying segment on our summary. She is a specialist beauty care products skilled worker and her work has been incorporated on renowned magazines, for instance, Women’s Era, Wedding Affairs and Grihshobha. Poonam is as of now an autonomous beauty care products specialist working in Delhi and NCR range. A certified skilled worker, Poonam is the person to go to for all your marriage makeup needs.

3. Chandani Singh

Chandi Singh runs an exceptionally celebrated salon under her name. Costly yet well justified, despite all the trouble in the event that you are searching for class and polish, Chandni Singh avoids the beaten track of the over made up Indian lady. Chandni utilizes cosmetics keenly to complement your excellence and conceal your defects without over applying cosmetics.She is a specialist in wedding cosmetics and her salon offers an assortment of hair and excellence medicines including waxing, threading, dying, face purging, facials including O3+, nail trim, pedicure, nail expansions, hair styles, hairstyling, perming, rebonding, and so on. Her wedding administration includes marriage cosmetics with hairstyling, hanging, nail paint, and so on.

4. Komal Gulati

Komal Gulati is the master in universal marriage cosmetics slants so in the event that you take a gander at wedding cosmetics from a worldwide point of view and your wedding trousseau is customized on those lines, Komal won’t frustrate. Komal Gulati meets expectations her enchantment with regular impartial shades to coordinate your wedding outfit or your overwhelming lehenga to give you that worldwide bid you ache for.

5. Naina Arora

Professionally prepared in artificially glamorize cosmetics from Germany, Naina is a specialist in marriage cosmetics and could even come convenient in the event that you are arranging a unique wedding shoot to celebrate your enormous day.

6. Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh is an expert makeup artist and her strong point is marriage cosmetics, cosmetics for portfolios and slope appears. She has worked with driving style architects for their appears. She additionally leads customized cosmetics workshops. She additionally has a wedding and trousseau consultancy. She has working out of the prevalent Style Studio Salon in Delhi, Shalini Singh is a power to figure with and the whole buzz around her is all things considered. Shalini has a skill of making brides look brilliant and one of a kind yet at the same time all that much like themselves. So in the event that you would prefer not to be lost under substantial marriage cosmetics and still look awesome, Shalini’s creativity with cosmetics is exactly what you require.

7. Ambika Pillai

She is a prestigious and surely understood makeup artist of the nation who likewise is a big name hair and cosmetics beautician. She has numerous national and worldwide incline shows shockingly. Ambika Pillai has done the cosmetics for slope shows of first rate originators furthermore has done cosmetics for any semblance of  Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora, Aishwarya Rai, and so on. All excellence beauty treatments are done at her salons including hair, magnificence, marriage, and so on. At that point, there’s additionally the men’s area in her salons. Ambika Pillai, with numerous years of involvement in the cosmetics business. Ambika is viewed as a stalwart in Delhi as well as all over India. Ambika Pillai is without a doubt a definitive destination for your wedding cosmetics needs.

8. Vidya Tikari

Vidya Tikari is additionally an understood VIP makeup artist .She is an independent makeup artist and has long been a power to figure with. With a broad foundation of working with different prevalent film stars, for example, Sushmita Sen, Madhuri Dixit and others. Vidya is known for her adaptability and polished skill, so you can be rest guaranteed that you would complete your occupation well and look only the way you need to on your extraordinary day.The studio additionally offers propelled facials, for example, chocolate waxing , nail trims, O3+ and Aroma, pedicures, and body kneads. Hair administrations incorporate spa treatment, hair style, shading, highlighting, rebonding, fixing utilizing quality items.

9. Gunjan Mongia

Gunjan Mongia is an expert makeup artist with her cosmetics studio called “Gunjan Mongia Makeup and Hair Studio” . She is a master in artificially glamorize cosmetics. Her salon is popular for offering administrations like gathering cosmetics, marriage cosmetics or cosmetics for different events. She likewise does cosmetics for photograph and form shoots.

10. Michelle Montes

Michelle Montes is an abundantly searched for after cosmetics craftsman who invests critical energy in giving women a trademark yet flawless beautifying agents look. She doesn’t put stock sequestered from everything components under huge amounts of cosmetics. The wedding cosmetics she does upgrades the spouse’s elements. Nearly new on the Delhi bridal makeup scene, Michelle is making waves for her skill in unpretentious, rich marriage cosmetics. So on the off chance that you are searching for class and marvelousness in correlation to the customary gleam and sparkle look, Michelle could in all likelihood be your number one decision.

11. Pooja Sethi

Very much prepared at the acclaimed Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center in the US, Pooja is the master to go to for your marriage cosmetics needs furthermore gives individual interviews paving the way to the wedding to get you on a wonder regimen to assist you with looking awesome on your huge day.

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