Car insurance in California

With 32,903,847 registered vehicles in the state of California and 28 insurance companies available , car insurance in California is no doubt the most competitive and lucrative business. The state has quite stringent rules regarding the car insurance and any uninsured car owner is fined heavily or even the car gets impound sometimes.

California car insurance Rules

According to California law regarding car insurance , all drivers needs to have evidence of financial responsibility which imply that one should have a way to cover the costs of damage caused in an accident .People usually opt for liability car insurance to meet the mandatory requirements. The bare minimum liability needs to be taken as specified by the government is $15000 for injury or death,$30000 for more than one person and $5000 for any damage to property. This is the bare minimum level required. However it is always advisable to take optimum cover so that if any accident happens, the cost should be covered properly.

One should always carry the proof of insurance which needs to renew every 6 months or 1 year. If found without the proof of insurance anytime, one may has to face hefty fines.

Getting Quotes

While getting quotes for car insurance in California, one should be aware of various discounts available to the driver. Good driver discount is one such mandatory offer which every company give to the experienced drivers who are not found guilty of any car accident and has a clean record. This law has been enforced to promote safe driving among residents.

There are 28 car insurance giants in California like General Insurance, Safeco, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Geico and Farmers to name a few. These companies have similar criteria of discounts like no claim bonus, homeowner discount, etc. One should try to get as many quotes as possible with same coverage which will help greatly in opting the correct insurance.

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