Investment management firms

The firms also known as asset Management Company are actively involved in professionally managing the various assets and securities of the investor to meet any short term goal or to achieve the long term benefits. These investor can be an institution like trust, corporation, educational institute or and individual. They also act as financial advisory as they have the complete research done on all the investment avenues suitable to the investor. The main key services of the firm are analysis of financial income, asset selection, selection of stock and bond, implementation and consistent monitoring on various investments done in the market.

They offer a comprehensive range of investment options to the client like value equities, style blend equities, fixed income, index funds and structured services and some alternate investment solutions depending on the client’s requirement and income and limits set by them. Investment management can also include banking and budgeting duties, as well as taxes.  It is done professional and can be passive, active, aggressive or conservative.

Various investment schemes offered by investment management firm are usually income, equities, money market and commodities. Fixed income is a kind of investment where a regular stream of income is generated for the investor. Equity is basically investing in stocks and bonds. The firms do extensive research before investing in any stocks as there is a considerable risk involved.

Another form of investing in stock and bonds is through investing in mutual funds. Investing in money market is considerably safer as a fixed income is guaranteed every month. It includes trading in treasury bills, commercial paper and other liquid securities. Another form of investment is commodity investment such as investing in gold and other precious metals or newly introduced as oil.

Major investment management firms of the world are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Asset management, UBS, AXA, State street global advisor and PIMCO.

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